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Meet Our Staff

Caregiver serving foods to an elderKnowledgeable, well-trained, and experts at what they do – these are just three of the many things that can be used to describe our staff at Diverse Home Care. Our staff is made up of qualified home health aides, registered nurses, physical therapists, and homemakers who are genuinely dedicated to improving your well-being.

At Diverse Home Care, our staff are also courteous professionals who will treat you and your family with nothing but respect. We also make sure to respect your privacy, your boundaries, and we make sure to follow your requests. Rest assured, our staff are all consummate professionals who are simply there to help you and your family.

Want to learn more about our staff? Simply give us a call 614-222-0899 614-222-0899 for specific inquiries that you might have.


Diverse Home Care seeks to bring superior healthcare services right at your home. It is our mission to be able to meet your specific healthcare and housekeeping needs; and we consistently strive to positively boost your quality of living.

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